What’s a Ruhk?

Ruhk rhymes with “book” or “cook.” But what does it mean? The band gets that question all the time.

On the afternoon of August 3, 2017, the Ruhks were in the WSM studios in Nashville. Here’s how Ronnie explained it, live on the radio:

First of all, we thought, “we’ve got to come up with something really catchy.” So we started with “Band,” and then we ventured out.
We wanted something that was kind of unique, and we got to looking at the word “rooks,” and there was a heavy metal group spelled R‑o‑o‑k‑s. We’d been calling ourselves the Rooks, so now we’ve got to come up with something.
Then a friend of mine found that the word [rukh] is originally a Persian word, and the word itself means “a chariot.” And what they would do is, they would dress their chariots up like little small castles and towers. And they’d have a driver and two archers, and they would go into battle and it would just scare people to death–their enemies. Not that we have any of those!
So after that, that’s where the chess piece comes from called the “rook.” It’s shaped like a castle. And that’s what the word itself means–a chariot.
And also, that’s the only piece that can follow the King in any direction on a chess board. It’s also a card game that trumps all the cards, and it’s also a bird that’s about 18” and is one of the clever birds and uses tools to its benefit.
And so we thought with all of that, we could really just confuse everyone! And let’s call ourselves Band of Ruhks!

So there you have it, folks—the myth, the legend, the Band of Ruhks.